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Ari Taublieb, MBA is the Vice President and Financial Planner at Root Financial Partners. Ari is also the host of the Early Retirement podcast.

I specialize in helping people retire early. I've helped 100,000+ people retire early with confidence. I love what I do.

My process is simple:

  • Fill out the 60-second form below to see if we're best positioned to help.
  • Create a custom financial plan together.
  • Move forward with confidence knowing you’re on track to reach your goals.
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Human-first financial planning.

"Ari is a warm and personable young man..He wants me to be happy and financially stable and goes out of his way to make sure I am. I trust him 100% and recommend him to everyone I know. He is a gift in my life."

- Kim L.

"Because they specialize in early retirement planning, going to them was a perfect match. They have made automating my finances so easy, and talking to their team for adjustments are done promptly and with ease...I would recommend them to anyone."

- Rachel D.

"I was stressed and knew my money need to be working harder for me. I didn't know how much I was leaving on the table and Ari helped save me on taxes, invest better, structure my estate plan, and my overall confidence around money has shifted."

- Julia L.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with anyone?

No. I work with a very limited number of clients. I will only work with people once I show them I can add value in excess of my fee. Please note: I will stop taking on new clients once I am at capacity and can no longer give my current clients the attention they deserve.

Are you a Fiduciary?

Yes. I put your interest first at all times, legally.

How do you make money?

The only thing I have for sale is...me. I don't receive any commissions or kickbacks from selling any product, because we couldn't sell you a product even if we wanted to. I believe in transparency. If you're serious about working together to build a custom strategy so you can retire early, you'll find my fee structure on the form when you apply here. You'll never wonder what you're paying.

Do you have a minimum asset requirement?

I don't want you to be overcharged for any services you don't need. Our comprehensive services are designed for individuals and couples seeking to retire early with $500,000+ in assets.

Am I signing a long-term contract?

No. You can cancel at any time. Our goal is to work with clients for the duration of their life, as we value multi-generational planning integral to the comprehensive financial planning approach, but you always have the ability to leave if you feel we're not providing more value than the fee being charged.

Why do you limit the number of clients you work with?

I came from companies with requirements to hit quotas and bring on X numbers of clients per month and transparently, that's just not in the best interest of clients. You're more than a number. Financial planning requires more than an annual check-in. I intentionally limit the number of clients I work with to provide you the care and attention you deserve.

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